70 years of Mares!

Mares is turning 70 this year! Who knows whether our founder Ludovico Mares could have ever dreamed that 70 years later the company he started would have become a world leader in manufacturing and distributing dive products? This year is 70 years of Mares! But who was Ludovico Mares? How did he come to found the


TEN TIPS FOR NEW DIVERS Here are ten tips for new divers we’ve discovered to make each of your dives better than the last. 1. BUY A PROPERLY FITTING MASK As for most divers, introduction to diving involved a rental mask, which meant a lot of leaking and constant clearing. Until you become comfortable performing

74th Jordan Independence day

74th Jordan Independence Day 2020 On May, 25 jordanians celebrated the 74th Jordan Independence day anniversary of the independence of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Hoping for a better future. It was the King Abdullah I, the founder of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. He spearheaded the struggle to make the Kingdom an independent sovereign

Dive Operations and COVID-19

Dive Operations and COVID-19 Dive operations and COVID-19. While most dive businesses have ceased operations due to national and local lockdown orders. Divers and dive business owners are eagerly anticipating a return to diving. The following questions and answers have been compily from questions sent in by divers and dive professionals to Divers Alert Network

What to do in Aqaba?

What to do in Aqaba? Being in Jordan, it’s worth going to the city of Aqaba, a settlement in the south of the country located on the Red Sea for at least a little. In addition to some great historical monuments, we will find here beautiful beaches and fantastic coral reefs to watch during snorkeling

Top-6 dive sites in Jordan

Top-6 Aqaba dive sites Aqaba is one of the last places many people would ever think of diving. But there is a lot of beautiful places for diving. We prepared for you our article about Top-6 dive sites in Jordan. You’ve might never considered it yourself. But if it’s not on your list you are

Sanitizing diving equipment

How to Clean and Sanitize Your Scuba Equipment In light of the recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), questions have arisen in the dive community about disease transmission when using rental equipment, especially regulators. With the threat of coronavirus on everyone’s minds, divers want to know what precautions are being taken against the spread